Owner of The Waggle

April Fendick

April's unconditional love for animals and their well being started on a resort her parents bought in Upstate New York.  There she cared for a variety of animals from cats to horses and everything in between.

She continued her passion for our fury friends by managing a local veterinary hospital for 5 years.  There she acquired a vast knowledge of ailments pets can suffer from due to a poor diet and lack of nutrition.  Like humans, animals too fall victim to highly processed foods.

Wanting to focus primarily on nutrition and healthier options for our pets as a preventive medicine, April accepted an offer at a local holistic pet food store.  It was here that she learned the importance of feeding wholesome and nutritional foods to our four legged friends.

After numerous years of researching pet foods, going to pet food conventions, and being coaxed by her family and friends, April's enthusiasm to educate pet owners properly has prompted her to open up her own store, THE WAGGLE.

I will guarantee you will learn something from her extensive knowledge and background on healthy foods and supplements that she takes pride in selling at her store.  Let April guide you to giving your pet a healthier life.  Don't you owe that special someone, who brings you so much joy and companionship, the healthiest life they could have?  April thinks so!

Take a Stroll Thru The "Cat Alley"

Meet Bruce, our Top Sales Cat

Let Bruce show you his favorite lines of food we Carry.  Whether your finicky feline likes raw, pate, shredded meat, stew, or kibble, The Waggle has a variety of nutritional food to choose from. 
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